Rafferty's Preschool Class Pictures

My little Rafferty's preschool class…
The cutest preschool class around in my opinion!

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  1. I am beyond obsessed with these, Ashlee... and going to beg you for a shoot next year with all our little 2nd year preschoolers.... pretty please???? I must have these for my kids!!! ;) You are the most talented girl I know!!! How do you do it????

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! What happened to Raff!??! He grew up!!!!!! oh he is still so adorable.
    miss you guys!

  3. wow - little arlen he is!!!!!! so cute! what lucky kids to have such amazing keepsakes :>

  4. These are priceless - love them! :-)

  5. THE BEST kids photos EVER! Love the first group shot, too cute for words!!

  6. Oh my goodness, CUTEST thing EVER!!!!

  7. dying! these are so adorable! what a cute idea!!

  8. ok so adorable! And how big is Raff? Im dying! What a babe!

  9. these are so, so cute ashlee! i bet that was a blast!

  10. these are so cute! love them!

  11. Adorable! Love it when you update your blog!

  12. Ummm how cute are these? ADORABLE! Found it on pinterest :)

  13. Super cute. What type of softbox did you use? Love the even light and the seamless. What color is it?

  14. what a darling idea, i think i'll steal it for taking photos of my children going back to school on monday!!! gotta get over to intermarché to get me a wooden frame black chalkboard! gorgeous photos!

  15. Love this idea! Saw this from a pin from HowDoesShe!

  16. Hello! I am a preschool teacher in Bs.As Argentina! O live taking pictures of my students! I usually make them a scrapbook at the end of the year. Loved this idea! Do you have any tips! I just got a new camera And lens And barely know hoy to use it.

  17. Super, super cute!!

    What size chalkboard is this? I kind of want to do a similar idea, but was unsure of what size chalkboard to buy.


  18. I'm sorry! The above comment is mine, I was logged in under my husband's user-name when I posted it!

    Just so you know some weird guy wasn't commenting on your pix!





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